Bologna and Its Cineteca: Building Trans-cending Networks

Andrea Gelardi


The article analyses the network level strategy of Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna (FCB), namely an Italian world-leading film archive, committed to the restoration of world cinematic heritage. This analysis is conducted by assuming a translocal gaze, so as to point out FCB’s critical actors/agents, identify other connected local actors, outline the nature and the outcome of exchange processes, and thus observe key elements in the evolution of this network. For this purpose, this article proposes a bird-eye view on the history, development of FCB and of its main activities, projects and initiatives. In doing this, I outline the local and the international reach of these activities and how FCB has been able to connect and combine these two dimensions through its network. Therefore, I argue how the international development of FCB’s translocal network is a key element of this foundation’s long-term strategy.

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