Vol 4, No 1 (2013)


Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Zac Rowlinson
A New Hegemonic Hope: Daemonic Agency in the Techno-Thriller Novels of Daniel Suarez PDF
Christian Giguère
Dismembering the Cautionary Cliché: Re-Reading the Techno-Science Ethics in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein PDF
Andrew C Hageman
The Myth of the Jedi: Memory and Deception in the Star Wars Saga PDF
Rónán L. MacDubhghaill
Mythical Pasts, Speculative Futures: The plasticity of the post/pre-human body PDF
Ryan Porter
‘You Know the Business and I Know the Chemistry’: The Scientific Ethos of Breaking Bad PDF
Ben Wetherbee, Stephanie Weaver
Inputs and Outputs: Engagement in digital media from the maker's perspective PDF
Dr. Harry J Witchel, Carina E I Westling


Review of Marchitello, The Machine and the Text PDF
Puck Fletcher
Review of 'Bruno Latour - Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World' by Anders Blok & Torben Elgaard Jensen - Routledge 2012 PDF
Alastair Gray
Art's Unconscious Accuracy PDF
Tom Houlton
Review of Alison Gibbons's 'Multimodality, Cognition, and Experimental Literature' for Excursions PDF
Romén Reyes-Peschl
Conference Report: Science and Literary Criticism, St. John’s College, Oxford, 12 April 2012. PDF
Zac Rowlinson

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