Vol 4, No 2 (2013)


A publication of proceedings from the Excursions Journal 'Purity' conference, held on 11th and 12th July 2013 at the Creativity Zone, University of Sussex, Brighton.Keynotes: Dr. Sue Currell (University of Sussex) Dr. Robbie Duschinsky (University of Northumbria)

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Tom Houlton
Purity: Conference Abstracts PDF
Tom Houlton
Dirty History and America's White Trash: American Eugenics and the Problem of Purity PDF
Sue Currell
Dying by the sword: Manliness, honour, and duelling on and off the stage, 1695-1745 PDF
Máire MacNeill
Rape, Possession and the Law in Thomas Middleton's 'Women Beware Women' and 'The Changeling' PDF
Annaliese Beth Piraino
‘We want what you have’: Faustian Finance in The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim and Capital PDF
Francesco Di Bernardo
Putrefaction and Purity: Death and Denial in Andrew Miller’s Pure PDF
Rebecca Downes
19/87 PDF
Janice Pariat
On Being Confucians? Confucius, Confucian Traditions, and the Modern Chinese Society PDF
Hang Lin
Pure Painting and Mottled Colour PDF
Tara Ward
My Most Prized Possession, an American Obsession. Virginity and the Sexual Politics of the American Teen Film. PDF
Björn Sonnenberg-Schrank
Morality, Colour, Bodies: Epistemological and Interpretive Questions PDF
Robbie Duschinsky, Ian Robson

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