Vol 6, No 1 (2015)


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Preface PDF
Lana Marie Harper
T.S. Eliot, Charles Olson and the Occupation of Gloucester PDF
Brendan Gillott
How not to Occupy Bartleby PDF
Patricia Sequeira Bras
Occupying Time Occupying Space PDF
Marcelo José de Melo
A Monstrous Ideal: Early Modern Servant Emblems and the Concept of Skill PDF
Robert Stearn
Stripp'd PDF
Elizabeth D Johnston


Review: Howling for Justice: New Perspectives on Leslie Marmon Silko’s Almanac of the Dead ed. Rebecca Tillett; Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 2014. PDF
Kiron Ward
Review: Ana Ma Manzanas and Jesús Benito, Occupying Space in American Literature and Culture: Static Heroes, Social Movements and Empowerment. PDF
John Laurence Dunn
Review: The Antinomies of Realism by Frederic Jameson PDF
Rebecca Angharad Harding
Review of Playing the Whore by Melissa Gira Grant PDF
Jessica Oliver

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