Vol 7, No 1 (2017)


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Preface PDF
Tim Gurowich, Rebecca Harding
The 2008 Global Financial Crisis: Ethic Fail! PDF
Rebecca Calvert-Giddings
Of Spiritual Failure: The Matter of Hegel's Pyramids PDF
Andrew Kingston
'Could not want a lover … more than freedom': Failing in Sarah Waters’s Affinity and Fingersmith PDF
Joshua G Adair
Failure as Learning: Photovoice as Methodology in Research with Marginalised Young People PDF
Karolina Gombert, Flora Douglas, Karen McArdle, Sandra Carlisle
Lygia Clark and the Logics of Participation After 'Failed' Revolt PDF
Kristen Carter
The Sleep Standard: Analysing Modern Anxieties of Insomnia PDF
Alice Mary Vernon
On the Notion of 'Failure' in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest: A Consideration of Joelle van Dyne's Character and the Figure of St. Teresa of Avila PDF
Matthew Alexander


Review: The Use of Bodies by Giorgio Agamben PDF
Rachael C Taylor
Review: Failure and the American Writer: A Literary History by Gavin Jones PDF
Simon Sandison

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